Vigil Games’ action adventure sequel, Darksiders 2, is in a prime position to take the gaming community by storm. Set to be released on major consoles August 14th, the narrative following the second horseman of the apocalypse, Death, will undoubtedly rock my world. Never has a story about the end of times gotten me in such a good mood.

How does one accurately portray Darksiders 2? Its style and gameplay reflect a hack-and-slash action title yet players are able to level up War with skills and perks. Is it an RPG? It’s true that the game allows character customization but what about the vast world just waiting to be explored? Darksiders 2 is an enigma within the gaming world, a genre-bending fusion of mechanics, aesthetics, and experiences. No matter what your gaming preference, Darksiders 2 has something to offer for just about anyone.

THQ and Vigil Games’ brainchild is a beautiful example of inclusion. Fans of destructive combos, challenging enemies, and exciting battle sequences will be more than pleased with the second installment to the series which boasts multiple weapons and combat styles. Dungeon crawlers and treasure seekers will not be left out in the cold either. Darksiders 2 introduces a loot system to the franchise that not only adds to the possibilities of the game, it gives players a reason to keep playing and take full advantage of exploring the huge world. Puzzle fanatics will find refuge in the multiple dungeons that dot the landscape and RPG aficionados will be welcomed by the skill tree upgrade system and the assortment of side quests located at city hubs.

Darksiders 2 is a complete transformation from the previous installment. Gamers will experience freedom, customization, exploration, brain-teasing trials, action, and adventure, all wrapped up in a beautiful little package of joy. Take a look at the improvements to Darksiders two straight from the developers:

The apocalyptic genre-blending may seem bizarre to some, but as a supporter of games such as the Legend of Zelda, God of War, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy what Darksiders 2 has to offer.

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