While usually reflecting the laughter and thrill of an amusement park, this Friday, Universal Studios Japan will be transformed into the zombie-infested battle ground popularized by the Resident Evil franchise. Just in time for the Annual Horror Nights event, the makeover will showcase all the iconic locations, characters, and enemies from the survival-horror series, new and old.  

Attendees can expect a wide array of frightful innovations. Specifically, the Cyberdyne building associated with the Terminator 2 ride has been modified into Umbrella headquarters. To add to the imagery, the New York street set has been paired with props and other projections to portray the crumbling Raccoon City ruins. The series most prominent figures will make an appearance at the theme park as well, with actors playing Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield on hand to guide tourists through the zombie outbreak while protecting them from any potential creatures that could be lurking about. For more insight into the exploits of the series protagonists, check out Resident Evil Revelations 3DS and buy a Nintendo 3DS here.

Check out a photo from Universal Studios Japan’s horror-filled launch courtesy of the Japanese website Game Watch Impress.

Just in time for Halloween festivities, the Resident Evil experience is open to the public this Friday and continues through November 11th. Fans will not only have the option to attend the park’s remodel over the coming months,  they can also get their hands on Resident Evil 6 on October 2nd. To be released on the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360, Resident Evil 6 is a must have for 2012. What better way to approach the holiday season than adding RE6 and a Microsoft Kinect to your wish list; visit Argos for an xbox kinect.

Universal Studios and Capcom have partnered up together in the past with the event Monster Hunter Real in 2012.


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