Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a music rhythm game that celebrates the Final Fantasy series featuring music, locations, characters, and scenes from the franchise. Take a look at all of the songs and characters that will be in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the 3DS. For more information about the game and must-know fan details, check out Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a Fanboy’s Dream Come True .


 Character ListOriginal GameCharactersFinal FantasyWarrior of Light
Princess SarahFinal Fantasy IIFirion
MinwuFinal Fantasy IIIOnion Knight
Cid HazeFinal Fantasy IVCecil Harvey
Kain HighwindFinal Fantasy VBartz Klauser
Faris ScherwizFinal Fantasy VITerra Branford
Locke ColeFinal Fantasy VIICloud Strife
Aerith Gainsborough
SephirothFinal Fantasy VIIISquall Leonhart
Seifer AlmasyFinal Fantasy IXZidane Tribal
Vivi OrunitiaFinal Fantasy XTidus
YunaFinal Fantasy XIShantotto
PrisheFinal Fantasy XIIVaan
AsheFinal Fantasy XIIILightning
Snow VilliersDissidia Final FantasyCosmos


Track List

The game includes over 70 songs. There are at least five tracks for each Final Fantasy from the original to XIII, corresponding to a field, battle, event, opening and ending theme from each game. There are also extra themes that can be unlocked with Rythmia points and be played in special modes; and paid Downloadable Content. The game also borrows themes from past games for menus.



GameSongs IncludedField MusicBattle MusicEvent MusicSpecialFinal Fantasy“Main Theme”
“Gurgu Volcano“
“Matoya’s Cave”
“Underwater Temple”“Battle Scene”
“Chaos Shrine”“Opening Theme”“Prelude“
“Ending Theme”
“Cornelia Castle”Final Fantasy II“Main Theme”
“Magician’s Tower”“Battle Theme 2”
“Battle Scene 1”“The Rebel Army”“Prelude“
“Finale”Final Fantasy III“Eternal Wind”
“Into the Crystal Cave“
“Crystal Tower”“Battle 2”
“Battle 1“
“Battle to the Death”“Elia, the Maiden of Water”“Prelude“
“Ending Theme”
“Return of the Warrior”Final Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy IV Main Theme
“Giant’s Dungeon”“Battle with the Four Fiends”
“Battle 1“
“The Final Battle”
“Battle 2”“Theme of Love”“Prelude“
“Ending Theme”Final Fantasy V“Four Hearts”
“Mambo de Chocobo“
“In Search of Light”“Battle at the Big Bridge”
“The Final Battle”
“Battle 1”
“Decisive Battle”“My Home, Sweet Home”Main Theme of Final Fantasy V
“The New Origin”Final Fantasy VI“Terra’s Theme”
“Searching for Friends”“Decisive Battle”
“The Fierce Battle”
“Dancing Mad“
“Battle Theme”“Celes’ Theme”“Omen”
“Ending Theme”Final Fantasy VIIMain Theme of Final Fantasy VII
“Judgement Day”
“Cosmo Canyon”“One-Winged Angel”
“Those Who Fight”
“Those Who Fight Further”“Aerith’s Theme”“Prelude”
“Staff Roll”Final Fantasy VIII“Blue Fields”
“Ride On“
“The Castle”“The Man with the Machine Gun”
“Force Your Way”“Waltz for the Moon”“Overture”
“Eyes on Me”Final Fantasy IX“Over the Hills”
“Something to Protect”
“Sleepless City Treno”“Battle 1”
“The Darkness of Eternity”
“Battle 2”“Beyond the Door”“The Place I’ll Return to Someday”
“Melodies of Life”Final Fantasy X“Mi’ihen Highroad”
“Someday the Dream Will End“
“Movement in Green”“Seymour Battle”
“Battle Theme”
“A Contest of Aeons”“Suteki da ne”“To Zanarkand“
“Suteki da ne -Orchestral Version-“Final Fantasy XI“Ronfaure”
“The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah”“Awakening”
“Fighters of the Crystal”
“Battle Theme”
“Ragnarok”“Final Fantasy XI Opening Theme”“Vana’diel March”
“Vana’diel March #2”Final Fantasy XII“Giza Plains”
“The Dalmasca Estersand”
“The Royal City of Rabanastre/City Ward Upper Level”“Clash of Swords”
“Desperate Fight”
“Esper Battle”“Theme of the Empire”“FINAL FANTASY ~FFXII Version~”
“Ending Movie”Final Fantasy XIII“Sunleth Waterscape”
“Archylte Steppe“
“March of the Dreadnoughts”“Saber’s Edge”
“Blinded By Light“
“Fighting Fate”“Defiers of Fate”“FINAL FANTASY XIII ~The Promise~
“Ending Credits”Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Etro’s Champion”  Final Fantasy
 “What Becomes of Us”  Final Fantasy Versus XIII“Somnus”            

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