E3 is the superbowl of video games. It represents that special time of year when the future of the gaming industry is put on display in a massive showing for all to see. While most onlookers huddle around their TV screens or computers to witness history in the making, a very select few have the opportunity to be amongst the madness, on the floor at E3 2012. The majority of the video game news sources will report about the hands-on demos and the industry press conferences, but there is so much more to experience at E3. Take a look at some events at E3 that you might have missed if you were unable to attend.


Video Game History Museum

The hobby that we share as gamers has been a culmination of technology advancements, human innovation, and a yearning to provide an entertainment source like none other.  Before we enjoyed HD graphics and wi-fi conectibility, gamers of the past were satisfied with black and white coloring, and 8-bit visuals. The Video Game Museum presented at E3 2012 serves to celebrate this culture, from meager origins to the grand status of today. Take a look at a fraction of video game history, decades upon decades in the making.


Live Video Game Music

While E3 is mainly embraced by gamers as a sneak peek into the coming months of the video game world, an entire convention center filled with gaming enthusiasts means that everything in some way, shape, or form, has a nerdy spin on it. Outside of the main showing, in a tiny room that most attendees walked past, was one of the best presentations of the entire expo. The entertainment of which I speak was a crew of three musicians, two on keyboards and one on violin who jammed out to an assortment of memorable video game music.  Check out the video below (I apologize for the quality!).

The trio played everything from Mario classics, to Halo favorites, and several tunes from the Metal Gear series, Zelda, Banjo Kazooie, and Kingdom Hearts, just to name a few.

Video Game Art Gallery

Art is great, but paintings, murals, and show pieces with a video game aesthetic are truly something to behold. Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Journey, and Skull Girls were some of the titles showcased in the gallery, with many more gracing the walls.

Which exhibit is your favorite, the museum, the artwork, or the music? Do you appreciate the display of video game culture at an event like E3 or do you think it should feature only game releases?


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