Answering our many pleas, Ubisoft has just released new screenshots for Watch Dogs. Highlighting hacking in action, the latest images showcase the protagonist Aiden Pearce as he takes control of the city of Chicago through the use of a mere cell phone. The action doesn’t stop there. The screens illustrate much more than just gadgetry, car and motorcycle chases make an appearance, as well as up-close-and-personal gunplay. In addition, a single picture of a mysterious woman named Clara Lille is shown. Exactly who she is and how she connects to the protagonist is unknown, but you can be sure that she had her own dark past if she’s working with a guy like Aiden Pearce.

While you’ll have to wait til November 19th, 2013 for the game’s release, this new batch of screenshots should help to satiate your anticipation for the next few months. What are your impressions? I’m pretty fond of Clara’s tattoos I must say.


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