The yearly Mecca for comic book fandom, gaming enthusiasts, and pop culture admirers is now officially at an end. San Diego’s Comic-Con 2012 went by in a glorious flash and while we’re sad to see it go, the plethora of industry news, announcements, and trailers should keep us satiated until the next convention. For those not among the privileged few who were in attendance, myself included, we can be comforted by the sentiment that there is always next year.

Even though good fortune during my internship with NBCUniversal and G4 granted me the opportunity to attend E3 this year, Comic-Con was unfortunately out of my reach. Media outlets and news sites cover the ins and outs of the expo, but reading about the event greatly differs from experiencing it firsthand. That is precisely why I am vowing to grace the San Diego Convention Center with my presence next year at Comic-Con 2013.

In accordance with my first time attendance, I will embark on an activity that I’ve never done before, something that I’ve quite possibly mocked in the past, cosplay. First let me say, playing dress up has only been an appealing pastime for me when I was a peewee stealing my parents’ clothes and yearly during Halloween. It has never been a hobby, an interest, or a pursuit of mine. On the other hand, go hard or go home. If I’m going to Comic-Con, one of the very few places where it is acceptable to embrace nerd culture, than why not!

In my world, one can never plan too early. So constructing a list of potential cosplay ideas inspired by members of the gaming community, one year in advance is a definite step in the right direction. I need your help, who should I dress up as at the next Comic-Con? Any tips, suggestions, and personal experience would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Editor’s Note: I’m very concerned about looking like an idiot. Only a really really good idea/costume will inspire me to discard my anti-cosplay sentiments and fully embrace the Comic-Con experience. Help!

Taylor Stein

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