Majora’s Mask Wii U Details Released

Nintendo fans rejoice, there is a  possibility that a Legend of Zelda classic will hit the next generation of consoles in style. There were rumors floating around on Youtube about a potential Majora’s Mask leak for Wii U during E3. Despite the hearsay, we have some details from the creators themselves, Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martinez, who had this to say:


[quote-symbol symbol5][quote]“We are creating this small test for the “big N” as a proposal for make this project true.

We work in the game industry and we are in love with this idea long time ago. The music are totally provisional. We worked for long time in concepts and designs, but for the real production we expend only one (hard) week, thats the reason of some “bugs” in animations and postproduction that we want to fix soon.

We hope that you enjoy and help us with your support.”



We can only assume that “big N” is referring to Nintendo, and that Belmonte and Martinez are attempting to convince Ninendo to give the go-ahead for the Majora’s Mask Project. The reality is, this is a fan project so there is no telling if Nintendo will respond favorably. As a huge fan myself, I would love to see one of the most unique installments to the series in fully-fledged HD brilliance. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer for yourself, check it out below:

What are your opinions about Majora’s Mask Wii U? Belmonte and Martinez did a great job on the initial trailer, do you think Nintendo should approve the project? For those who would like to see it become a reality, sign the petition here.


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