Lately I’ve been obsessed with Dragon Age: Inquisition. As a die-hard Mass Effect fan, I was unjustly skeptical of BioWare’s fantasy themed RPG franchise because well, spaceships and aliens will always reign true atop my personal throne of favoritism over elfs and dragons. That being said, I am so mad at myself for waiting this long to get into the series. It is amazing! Missing out on such a rich saga is truly a travesty, and even worse, starting on Inquisition which is the third game in the series. The good news is, the holidays season is right around the corner and I’m wishing for two very specific presents from Santa this year, Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition and Dragon Age II *fingers crossed*.

As a testament to my new found admiration of the series, I decided to actually utilize the PlayStation 4 share feature (on purpose this time, not from accidentally pressing it xD) and I’ve captured a ton of different moments — mostly epic battles showcasing my skill against monstrous dragons, but also tidbits of hilarity in the form of glitches, bugs, and things gone awry. Everything is recorded and edited entirely on the PS4. Enjoy!

For more of my magic-wielding, world-saving exploits in Dragon Age: Inquisition and beyond, subscribe to my newly made YouTube channel. Also, take a look at my collection of screenshots below.

All images and video were captured and edited by yours truly entirely on the PlayStation 4.


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