Introducing the newest member of my family, Harley Q! This 4-month- old bundle of ginormous is named after one of my favorite comic villains for all time, Harley Quinn. When I was choosing the name, I was torn between some of my favorite female characters: Harley, Ripley, Samus. Actually, I was planning on going with Okami because judging from the pictures I had received from the breeder, I thought she was going to be all white. But she’s definitely more of a blond/golden color so we stuck with Harley Q.

Harley Q is a German Shepherd/Husky mix who already weighs in at over 40 lbs. With parents that weighed around 100 lbs, it’s pretty safe to say that Harley is going to be a big, big girl. After 2 cats and a puppy, I think I’m all “animaled out” but if I do look for a new pet in the future, it will have to be named Mistah J, that would be too perfect.

Taylor Stein

Gamer. Sushi-fanatic. Cartoon enthusiast. Overall big kid. Welcome to my journey throughout the world of video games and all around geekery.

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