And you thought your setup couldn’t get any cooler

The Pros

  • One device, many features – Charges controllers, keeps console cool, and adds extra USB ports.
  • Vertical orientation is a space saver.
  • Sturdy and attractive design.

The Cons

  • Only comes in black.

The HC GamerLife Battle Command Station doesn’t just sound like a part of the Starship Enterprise, it also happens to be an incredibly versatile accessory that adds a slew of features to your PlayStation 4 console. I mean, what did you expect with a name like “The Battle Command Station”?

To be clear, this is not your average PS4 stand, as positioning your console vertically is the least of its accolades, albeit a great space-saver. The Battle Command Station also boasts two fans for heat dispersal built right into the chassis, two controller-charging docks, and three front-facing USB ports. Paired with the upright orientation, that’s a total of four features in one; not to mention, it looks pretty slick as well.

The specs only tell half the story, so how does it perform during actual gameplay? In one word, excellently. After about an hour of play, my PS4 was noticeably cooler thanks to the Command Station’s dual fans. As anyone who deals with computers or electronic components knows, overheating can flat out kill or shorten the lifespan of technical equipment. This applies to video game consoles as well, so keeping your PS4 cool will help to improve your console’s longevity for years to come.

And the Benefits Keep Coming

The upright position offered an unexpected benefit as well, my cat Luna who has a penchant for sleeping on or next to the platform has all but lost interest in her previously coveted napping spot. HC GamerLife Battle Command Station for the win! Furball aside, the stand allows for much better airflow compared to a PS4 resting flush on a surface, and added stability from the stand’s wide base. Fear of watching my precious hardware falling and crashing into a million pieces is why I’ve never gone vertical with any console in the past, but I’ve had no issues what so ever with this stand – even with frequent cat visitors.

The ability to charge two controllers simultaneously is a huge plus as well considering the relatively short battery life of the DualShock 4. Those pesky “Low Battery” warnings are rarities now, and if they do rear their ugly head, I simply swap a dead controller for its charged counterpart. No fiddling with cables necessary.

Lastly, The Battle Command Station houses three USB ports on the front of the stand which is a great help for users with multiple pluggable devices such as a flash drive, game capture card, or charging cable. The centralized location is accessible and easily-pluggable, an appreciated detail.

Should You Ready Your Rupees?

Yes! The HC GamerLife Battle Command Station is amazing – both as a functional tool and as a showcase of your PS4 console. If I had to find one flaw with the product, I suppose it would be on an aesthetic level – an all-black stand might not jive with your particular sensibilities if you have a non-black console. Personally, I like the color contrast of my glacier white PS4 against the dark stand, but that’s just me.

I would highly recommend the HC GamerLife Battle Command Station because it does what several peripherals and accessories do, all wrapped up in one little gadget. I only wish I would have gotten one sooner.

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