This July 4th weekend I’ll be heading up to Monterey, CA in my first departure away from Los Angeles in almost two months. I plan on hitting the beach, grabbing some clam chowder, and relaxing this weekend, and so should you 🙂 This trip is a mini vacation for me, and in typical vacation fashion, no work is allowed. So expect more video game awesomeness, new articles, and another installment of my personal journey throughout the world of video games on Tuesday, July 10th. If you have any article ideas, questions, concerns, or want to wish me a happy July 4th, connect with me on twitter @GamerGirlTay.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the festivities!

Taylor Stein

Gamer. Sushi-fanatic. Cartoon enthusiast. Overall big kid. Welcome to my journey throughout the world of video games and all around geekery.

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