Firefall Sargasso Sea Environment Lore

Lore and backstory surrounding the Sargasso Sea region in Red 5 Studios’ MMO shooter, Firefall.

Sargasso Sea is a recently discovered Melding Pocket located in the former Caribbean basin at the end of the Atlantic Archipelago. Named for the plentiful colonies of Sargassum or free-floating seaweed, Sargasso Sea’s close proximity to the Melding has transformed the laurel forest into a booming ecosystem of undocumented flora.

Noting a sudden change in the indigenous plant life, the world’s most accomplished botanists flocked to Sargasso Sea in hopes of studying the evolutionary explosion first hand. A battery of tests led to a surprising conclusion. Genetic material obtained from dozens of vegetative samples determined that none of the shrubbery even closely resembles the native populations present before the Arclight crash. In fact, every specimen examined is directly related to the Sargassum seaweed, sharing over 95% of the same DNA. From bioluminescent fungi to poisonous foliage, each vastly dissimilar plant seems to have evolved from the same source in only a matter of months.

Scientists theorize that the Melding’s presence super-charged the nutrient-rich coastal waters, thus facilitating a sudden mutable transformation from floating algae to land-based plants. Totipotent in nature, brown algae cells are able to regenerate into fully functioning flora from severed fragments or broken pieces. With this ability, only a handful of algae colonies would be required to populate an entire island. Coinciding with sea level fluctuations during the Arclight disaster, it is widely accepted that turbulent waters were responsible for transporting the mutant Sargassum inland, allowing the creatures to rapidly colonize the landmass and bloom into entirely new life forms.

In an effort to better understand the Melding’s mutagenic properties, the Accord established a research hub and base of operations near Sargasso’s northwestern edge. Beyond botanical pursuits, exploration into the region’s many tributaries led to the discovery of a sunken Chosen Darkslip vessel. The promise of lost Chosen tech is enough to attract ARES Operators and Tanken raiders alike. As the Accord’s grip on Sargasso Sea intensifies, so do the efforts of rival factions and the Accord’s enemies. Soon the war front will be at Sargasso’s doorstep…

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Originally written for Red 5 Studios during my time working there as Web Content Editor.


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