Located in prime volcano territory, Diamondhead is part of a series of volcanic vents centered around the former Hawaiian Islands. Formed approximately 200,000 years ago, the massive Diamond Head crater was once a tourist hotspot, enticing sightseers from all across the world with promises of geological wonder and a taste of danger. Now, only danger remains.

During the Firefall, asteroids pummeled the Earth for months on end. The bombardment flushed massive amounts of debris into the atmosphere, creating a particulate barrier that blocked much of the sun’s radiation from reaching the planet. The resulting tropospheric changes led to an impact winter, a period characterized by a drastic drop in global temperatures, worldwide famine, and the deaths of millions.

Diamondhead was spared from the invading cold of the Nine Year Winter however. The asteroid impacts were so severe, that they initiated an onslaught of devastating earthquakes that ripped across much of the planet. The tremors revived a series of dormant volcanoes in Diamondhead causing them to erupt in quick succession. Already saturated in dust and ash, the thermal radiation from the swelling magma became trapped in the atmosphere over Hawaii; heating the region to the highest levels ever recorded. Diamondhead was literally transformed into a molten wasteland.

Despite the region’s hazardous terrain, the Accord saw Diamondhead as an opportunity for expansion. The Diamondhead Arcfolder Base was established as a strategic outpost, and it stands as one of the Accord’s first footholds into Chosen territory. Diamondhead is also home to a series of Tectonic Agitators, mechanical relics that facilitate resource acquisition in the Melding Pocket.

Whatever secrets lay buried beneath the dust and ash, continual attacks from Chosen forces suggests there might be more to DiamondHead than meets the eye.

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Originally written for Red 5 Studios during my time working there as Web Content Editor. Non-cannon.


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