Anyone who has entered the world of online multiplayer knows that it is hazardous territory. Riddled with irritating teammates, pre-pubescent boys, and overly aggressive players, enduring a few matches in Call of Duty, Battlefield, and any other competitive shooter can absolutely test your patience.

Capitalizing on the hostile nature of the online gaming community, Machinima Respawn Director Kevin set out to find the most infuriated, enraged, and livid players online by annoying them to no end in How to Annoy People: Season 3. Below is an exclusive interview with the creator Kevin as he discusses the origins of the web series, his craziest encounters, and what the future has in store for How to Annoy People.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for How to Annoy People?

A: Well I actually did it without recording first. I had made a new account because I ran out of Xbox Live Gold and it was just a way of passing the boring levels until I got my ninja perk. It wasn’t long before I realized, “Hey, being a noob is pretty fun”. Then after all the people raging at me, and my friends getting a kick out of it, I thought I might just try recording it. I thought it would go down well, but never imagined it would have taken off as much as it did.

Q: From your experience, which game has the most hostile players?

A: I think Call of Duty has the most vocal and hostile players. I mean there are plenty on Halo, Battlefield and every other game under the sun because that’s just how online gaming is now. There are plenty on PC too, League of Legends comes to mind right away but that’s all text and no voice chat. I would have to say Call of Duty though, I don’t know if it’s the huge player base or what but something about it brings out the worst in players.

Q: When talking with your “targets” have you ever gotten angry yourself?

A: Not that I can remember. It’s pretty hard to make someone angry when they aren’t playing properly I guess. In my experience the only people that get mad and I can’t annoy are the ones that repeat “your mom” or something similar repeatedly. But if someone isn’t playing seriously, it’s hard to make them angry. Having said that, I don’t try, I only annoy people that get angry at me first for pretty much no reason.

Q: What can we expect from How to Annoy People Season 3?

A: In season 3 we will see just what we saw in the previous seasons, very angry Call of Duty players but in a new setting. Of course, a new setting means new ways to annoy so I’m going to have some fun coming up with new things that I can do in Black Ops 2 that I couldn’t do in the older games. I think the main difference in the new season is the big boost in production value. If you watch an episode from season 1, then watch the new episode from season 3, you will see huge changes in quality. 

There you have it. The new season promises more angry players, more entertaining encounters, and even more hilarious situations. To witness the comedy yourself, make sure to check out How to Annoy People: Season 3 on Machinima and take a look at the first episode below.

Have you ever encountered players online who take the game way too seriously? What was your favorite moment from Machinima’s How to Annoy People?


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