Cid is a character that is very dear to any Final Fantasy fan’s heart. From airship pilot, to researcher and mechanic, take a look at the game-to-game transformations he undergoes from the years spanning 1988 to 2012. 

Final Fantasy II

Name: Cid (the original Cid)

Occupation: Airship pilot

The very first Cid in the series. As per the Cid tradition, he is the owner of an airship. He lets the party fly it to various destinations for a price, but later on when the world is in danger he gives them the airship to use as they see fit.


Final Fantasy III

Name: Cid Haze

Occupation: Inventor, airship mechanic

Cid Haze is a creator of airships on the floating continent, from the village of Canaan. He transforms the sailing ship into an airship and in the short time he accompanies the party. Cid will occasionally attack with a hammer or use a Fire spell on all the enemies. Later, he helps save the Light Warriors from Xande.


Final Fantasy IV

Name: Cid Pollendina

Occupation: Head engineer.

The head of Baron’s corps of engineers, Cid is a friend and mentor of both Cecil and Rosa. He designs the airships used by Baron’s elite Red Wings corps, but as the story progresses he begins to develop misgivings about the King of Baron’s methods. Cecil and Kain’s exile, and the use of the Red Wings to destroy Damcyan, finally prove more than Cid can tolerate: he rebels against the King, is imprisoned for his treason, and is later freed by Cecil, then joins the party.


Final Fantasy V

Name: Cid Previa

Occupation: Engineer, inventor

The zealous scholarly Cid of FFV. His feverish pursuit of knowledge and enthusiasm upon making new discoveries gets him in trouble numerous times thoughout the game. Luckily Bartz and crew is always there to bail him out. Cid Previa and his grandson, Mid Previa, are engineers from Karnak who invented the machine which amplifies the power of the Crystals.


Final Fantasy VI

Name: Cid Del Norte Marquez

Occupation: Inventor, scientist

This Cid is more famous for his questionable choice of attire than his actual presence in the game. FFVI’s Cid is the head scientist of the Empire, and is responsible for creating the technique by which knights are infused with magic from Espers. A sympathetic and kind-hearted man despite his affiliations with the Empire, he views Celes as a daughter and regrets the way she has been brought up as a tool of the Empire. 


Final Fantasy VII

Name: Cid Highwind

Occupation: Mechanic, pilot and astronaut

The foul-mouthed airship pilot and astronaut hopeful from FFVII. This Cid is frequently referred to as an old man, despite his relatively young age of 32, and despite the fact that he has more energy than everyone in the group put together. His temper and language may make him seem like a pretty nasty character, but he has a heart of gold and will go to great lengths to help his friends, cursing all the way. Not wanting to settle for the skies, it is his dream to fly into space one day.


Final Fantasy VIII

Name: Cid Kramer

Occupation: Mercenary school headmaster

The headmaster of Balamb Garden, and husband to the sorceress Edea. Although this Cid doesn’t have any real mechanical prowes or airship skills, being the headmaster of a flying school makes up for it. As a headmaster he is always calm and understanding willing to lend an ear to any problems his students might have. He puts great faith in Squall, shouldering him with an increasing amount of responsibility as the game progresses. His calm, submissive manners do have limits though, and when pushed he will push back.


Final Fantasy IX

Name: Cid Fabool IX

Occupation: Regent of the city-state of Lindblum (appropriately, a city of accomplished engineers, mechanics and airship pilots)

The regent of Lindblum, and uncle to Princess Garnet. He is a mechanical genius as per tradition and is responsible for many of the mechanical wonders of Lindblum Castle, including his pride and joy, the airship Hilda Garde. Unfortunately, he spends much of the game at first as an oglop (insect-like creature) and then a frog thanks to a curse placed on him by his wife for his philandering ways. Even in his diminished condition, he spares no expense in helping Zidane and Garnet put a stop to Brahne’s and Kuja’s warmongering.


Final Fantasy X

Name: Cid 

Occupation: Al Bhed leader and airship pilot

The leader of the Al Bhed and father of Rikku. With the help of his people, he spends his days unearthing and repairing the lost machina, including the great airship, Fahrenheit. He lends his assistance to Yuna and Tidus in their fight against both Sin and Bevelle. Cid is a very emotional man who wears his heart on his sleeve and goes through moods of great anger, happiness and sadness at the drop of a hat.


Final Fantasy XI

Name: Cid 

Occupation: Engineer and inventor

 The famous blacksmith and inventor from Bastok. This Cid is responsible for many of the technological advances that made Bastok the powerful center of industry it is today. He is also a master of strategy with many connections that help guide the greatest heros of Vana’diel towards their goals.


Final Fantasy XII

Name: Cidolfus Demen Bunansa

Occupation: Chief researcher

The lead scientist of the Draklor Laboratory in the heart of the Archadia empire, as well as Balthier’s estranged father. Dr. Cid is responsible for various technologies used throughout Ivalice, such as the fleet of Archades airships and manufacted nethicite. He has a close relationship with Vayne since they both have similar opinions on how the world should work. He also has a habit of seeming to talk to himself which lends to his already erratic and almost manic behavior, but is actually talking to Venat, an Occuria. This Cid is unique in that he is actually one of the major antagonists of the game.

Final Fantasy XIII

Name: Cid Raines

Occupation: Brigadier general

Cid Raines is a Brigadier General in command of the Wide-area Response Brigade division of the Sanctum Guardian Corps, commanding the airship Lindblum. He appears particularly younger than previous Cids. Initially, he supports the player party from being arrested by the Sanctum, but is revealed to be a l’Cie and fights them as a boss.


Final Fantasy XIV

Name: Cid nan Garlond

Occupation: Leader of Garlond Ironworks, a group of engineers.

Cid nan Garlond is the lead of the Garlond Ironworks, a group of Garlean engineers in disagreeance with the Garlean Empire’s warmongering policies and allied to the Eorzean City States.


Spin-offs and Alternate Series

Final Fantasy Tactics

Name: Cidolfus Orlandeau/Cidolfas Orlandu

Occupation: Airforce commander

Cidolfus Orlandeau, or Cidolfas Orlandu, is a playable character. Orlandu, a Holy Swordsman, is the commander of the Knights of the Order of the Southern Sky and a long-time friend of Ramza Beoulve’s father, Barbaneth. He becomes playable late in the game, and is easily the most powerful player character at the time of his recruitment. He also has been referred to as Thunder God Cid, or T.G. Cid for short.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Name: Cid Randell

Occupation: Judgemaster

Cid Randell is the Judgemaster of the fantasy Ivalice that Mewt rules over. He is Mewt’s father, and was a drunkard and a bum in the real world after the death of his wife, but in Mewt’s version of Ivalice he is a powerful and noble Judgemaster, enforcing the laws of Ivalice across the land. He eventually realizes the lie of the world he is in and fights with Marche to return balance to Ivalice.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Name: Cid 

Occupation: Clan leader

Cid is the leader of Clan Gully, a hunter’s clan. He inducted Luso into his clan when the boy appeared suddenly during their hunt.


Final Fantasy Type-0

Name: Cid Aulstyne

Occupation: Empire leader

High Commander Cid Aulstyne is the game’s main antagonist, a first for a Cid character. He is the 76-year-old leader of the Milites Empire and has broken the world’s peace treaty, Pax Codex, by sending l’Cie troops to attack other countries and destroy their crystals. 



Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Name: Mogcid

Occupation: Pilot

Mogcid is a Moogle who pilots the Skysphere. He is part of the group of Moogle brothers who live in Padarak and bring others to that location. Mogcid is the first time a Cid has appeared in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series.



Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Name: Cid


 A yellow-skinned Lilty with glasses and a white mustache. He is one of the more important characters and often gives information to the protagonist, Layle.




Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Name: Otto Cid Bekenstein

Occupation: Machine operator

Otto Cid Bekenstein is the operator of the Rainbow Bridge Machine in Windia. 




Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

Name: Cid

Occupation: Windmill owner

Cid is an non-playable character who lives in the windmill behind Horne. Cid was not affected by the curse and thus was not petrified along the other villagers. Cid in this game plays no role in the storyline and the player needs the Magic Key to unlock his windmill’s door. When spoken to, he will tell the player various statistics such as play time and number of enemies slain.


Final Fantasy Dimensions

Name: Sid 

Occupation: Leader of airship fleet.

Sid is the leader of the Empire’s fleet of airships. This marks the second time the name has been spelled “Sid” instead of “Cid”. 




Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Description: Cid Haze from FFIII returns!




Cid certainly comes in all shapes and sizes. Who is your favorite Final Fantasy Cid and why?


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