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Thanks so much for visiting my site. My name is Taylor Stein, I’m a self-employed writer, editor, and entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in the video game and technology industries. From meager beginnings as a small-time blogger, to working with some of the great talent in the gaming world, my passion for video games and all-around geekery has lit the way to many opportunities in journalism, marketing, game design, content management, and beyond.

I’m incredibly honored and appreciative of all the people who have given me a chance, to all the fans that supported me when I first got on this crazy roller coaster ride. I love what I do for a living and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without people like you. So I can’t stress this enough, thank you!

The Origin Story I’ve been playing video games for as long as I remember, but I never thought that I would end up working in the video game industry as a career; I always imaged growing up to be a mechanical engineer or a biologist in all honesty. So much for all those college classes!

My journey began very casually with no intentions of anything really. I started writing down my thoughts and impressions about video games on a community site, and my first article was promoted to the homepage as one of the ‘Top Blogs from the Community’. When that began happening week after week I thought, huh, maybe I should keep going with this? 

With backing from some key community members, I hired staff members and founded a video game news site of my own. After our 1 year anniversary, the Editorial Director of G4TV saw the site, read some of my articles and offered me an internship at the NBCUniversal headquarters in Los Angeles. 

At this point I realized that maybe this could be more than a hobby for me – I sold my website (which paid for all internship expenses and my last year of college), moved out to LA and loved every minute of it. Since then, I’ve had a bunch of amazing opportunities and experiences.

I’ve attended and covered a number of conventions such as E3, Comic-con,  and EVO, and I’ve had my work featured both in print and digital mediums including Destructoid, Amazon, Big Fish Games, Red 5 Studios, 1UP, Pure Nintendo Magazine, Bitmob, and most importantly, I’ve been able to partake in an industry that I love dearly. Now I make a living creating content – blog posts, narrative stories, marketing campaigns, etc – for video game and tech companies across the world.

3 Websites and Counting While still in college (2010), I founded Gaming Precision which was my first online venture. It was amazing, but I ended up selling it prior to my internship at NBC Universal and G4TV. In fact, the profits made from the site funded my entire internship expenses in LA, and my last year of college. Win win 😀

Next came Gamer Girl Tay (2012), which was more of a personal blog. I ditched the “video game news” model, went back to basics with simple, casual opinion/editorial pieces and a ton of fun things! But just recently I came to realize, just how juvenile the ‘gamer girl’ slogan was. Well, I never loved the name in the first place I just didn’t have any better ideas in all honesty. It’s hard to be taken seriously with such a lame website name, and I certainly don’t want to be known as Gamer Girl Tay, so I figured it was time for an upgrade.

So I’ve officially transitioned to my final digital resting place, I picked a purposely broad name so that I would have the freedom to write about whatever I want! Games, comics, movies, cartoons, whatever. This site represents my personal hub, where I’ll showcase what I’m playing in videos, talk about my thoughts on the latest gaming announcements, share stories about my adorable pets, and of course, highlight my latest culinary adventures including cooking attempts and mouthwatering, high resolution restaurant food porn. You’re welcome.

Rupees, Zenny, Gil, and More I’ve learned a lot from amassing vast fortunes in video games. In the spirit of my virtual entrepreneurial endeavors, I now sell gamer/geek collectibles online in my spare time. Things like Amiibo, video game collectors editions, and pop culture memorabilia.



Consulting Services In addition to my work as a writer and dabbling in online sales, I also offer consulting services for bloggers, website owners, and new businesses. Whether you’re thinking about starting a blog of your own, getting into the video game industry, or forming a brand identity and marketing strategy, I offer one-on-one consulting services to get you started. Services include:

  • Writing and Editing Help
  • Blog Startup
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Getting Into the Video Game Industry Guidance
  • Web Design and Consulting
  • Brand Identity
  • & More

Contact me if you have any questions! [COMING SOON]

There’s More to Me Than Gameplay

Beyond video games, I’m a lover of cartoons, a sushi fanatic, and an overall big kid. When I’m not chasing down trophies and achievements, I love trying out new restaurants, going hiking, cooking, reading and traveling.

 Taylor Stein – Writer & Marketing Consultant

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Taylor Stein

Gamer. Sushi-fanatic. Cartoon enthusiast. Overall big kid. Welcome to my journey throughout the world of video games and all around geekery.

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