What are your other hobbies besides video games?

I like to think of myself as a pretty well rounded person. As much as I love gaming, I have a ton of other interests as well. For one, I’m a total foodie. I rarely watch TV but when I do, I binge on Food Network. Most of the time I’m either talking about food, thinking about food, or if I’m lucky, eating something tasty 🙂

Beyond my inner glutton, I love animals. In the past I’ve had everything from cats and dogs to the less common leopard gecko and bearded dragon. I currently own two little kitties named Luna and Mochi and a German Shepherd Mix named Harley Q. I’m also a pretty active person, I love to go hiking which can be hard with the crazy hot weather in Las Vegas where I live. Also reading, writing, and of course, singing in the shower.

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Taylor Stein

Gamer. Sushi-fanatic. Cartoon enthusiast. Overall big kid. Welcome to my journey throughout the world of video games and all around geekery.