HC GamerLife X-One Charge & Play Kit Review

Your best friend during a long game session

The Pros
  • Easy to use.
  • Inexpensive and saves money down the line (no need to buy batteries).
  • Long cord.
The Cons
  • Charge only lasts 6-8 hours.

The X-One Charge & Play Kit is an absolute necessity for any hardcore Xbox One player. The reasoning is simple, without a powered controller you can’t play. Run out of batteries and well, no gaming for you. While you could make your way over to the Energizer Bunny’s neck of the woods to stock up on mountain of AA batteries for controller fuel, it’s more cost effective, environmentally conscious, and simply more convenient to play with a little help from a rechargeable source. Meet the Charge & Play Kit.

Put a Shock to Your System

Appropriately clad in uber-green packaging, an Xbox trademark, HC GamerLife’s Charge & Play Kit does exactly what it’s supposed to do – nothing more, nothing less. The contents, a 650mAH lithium ion battery pack and an 8-foot USB charging cable, are just about all you need to embark on a gaming marathon of epic proportions, well that and plenty of snacks.

The Charge & Play kit serves multiple purposes, granting players the ability to recharge the controller during gameplay (an option unavailable to both rechargeable and standard AA batteries) or afterwards even when your Xbox is in standby. You can expect a full charge in about 2 hours, and the juice lasts for up to 6-8 hours of continuous gameplay.


Decisions, decisions…

While the official Xbox One Play and Charge kit boasts (a somewhat exaggerated) 30 hour battery life on a single charge, that’s more than three times charge of what you’ll find here even if the 30-hour claim isn’t all that accurate. That being said, you’ll have to shell out more cash for the Microsoft version and it’ll take nearly double the amount of time for a full charge. Keep that in mind.

While HC GamerLife’s rendition of the tried-and-true Charge & Play Kit doesn’t reinvent the wheel in any way – don’t expect any Tony Stark-esque limitless arc reactor energy or the life-granting powers of the Transformer’s Allspark – it successfully keeps players in the game by eliminating the need to constantly replace controller batteries, and that is exactly what I was looking for. If you’re in the market for saving money and keeping your controllers fueled and ready to go, look no further than the X-One Charge & Play Kit.

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