Amiibo Packaging Nightmare: Beware of Retailer Incompetence

Amiibo Store Shelf
Oh you like your amiibo intact? Too bad.

A few weeks ago the internet gods blessed me with consumers’ good fortune and I was able to order two Marth amiibo from Walmart with in-store pickup. I’ve ordered Nintendo’s most popular toys from the retailer before through a variety of delivery mediums – shipping to my house, in-store pickup, and simply grabbing one off the shelf. This is what my latest order looked like:

Luckily the actual amiibo inside were fairly intact, but really Walmart? In case you haven’t heard, these are COLLECTOR’S ITEMS, the value of the products are dictated by the integrity of the package. I mean, it looks like some warehouse guys got bored and played Blitzball with my box. This is coming from someone who doesn’t care about how much the amiibo will be worth 10 years from now or how much they’ll appreciate in value; I just want my collection to look how it’s supposed to, call me shallow.

This is not the first time that I’ve received a damaged amiibo from a retailer. When I was first bitten by the amiibo bug, I ordered a Toon Link online with in-store pickup at, you guessed it, Walmart. I drove down to the worst place on Earth, waited in the pick-up line and received my order. I opened the box and all I could think was, wow really? Some doofus put a giant adhesive sticker over the clear plastic of the outer packaging which you can see in the picture below. I was able to remove some of the sticker, but even if I sat and scraped the rest off, the adhesive residue would still remain – an ugly blemish to reinvigorate my annoyance with each passing glance.


After perusing through Reddit and other forums, I’ve learned that my experiences are quite the norm. It seems that retailers have no idea how to ship amiibo, and it goes far beyond Walmart. Take a look at the amiibo carnage captured by angry customers who bought their items from some of the most popular retailers in the country.

To be fair, I’ve purchased amiibo from a number of different stores both online and brick and mortar including Walmart, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Target, Toys R’ Us, Gamestop, and Amazon, and the majority have been in solid condition. It just really, really sucks when it happens. We’re all allowed  an anger-fueled rant every so often right? Thanks for listening to mine.

Have you experienced any amiibo retailer fails? Share your story and pictures in the comments below.

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  • John

    behind you all the way Taylor!!!

    • I will say though, several of the major retailers are really stepping their packaging game up! The last amiibo I bought from Amazon was shrink-wrapped to a piece of cardboard (to keep it from bending) and in a perforated box for easy opening.

      Tokyo Otaku Mode does a really great job as well. I guess all those complaints are actually being heard!