Metal Gear Solid 5 Yay or Nay?

Just last week the Godfather of the stealth genre, Hideo Kojima, announced and confirmed that the Metal Gear saga is not yet complete. Metal Gear Solid 5 is officially in the works and yes Solid Snake will return. No details have been released describing exactly when this newest installment will fit into the franchise timeline but Kojima had this to say:

[quote-symbol symbol5][quote]“I had several ideas for a game featuring The Boss and the Cobra Unit during the invasion of Normandy. I then handed these plans over to the team so they could take over and make the game,” Kojima said. “I presented my ideas to the team during the summer of 2008. However, simply dropping MGS5 on the younger staff members was a bit heavy and there was resistance to doing it without my involvement.”[/quote]

According to Eurogamer, Metal Gear Solid 5 will be an infiltration game that will reflect the character interactions seen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Does this mean that the game will feature side quests and non-linear gameplay? As an avid, voracious, and insanely loyal Metal Gear fan, the announcement represents the apex of exhilaration for me. I can’t help but shake a feeling of confusion however.

Metal Gear Solid 5

Hideo Kojima brought an end to Solid Snake’s story in MGS4. Despite the controversy and thunderous pleas from fans across the globe, we witnessed our understated hero grow old, weak, and approach the end of his life. After over 10 installments chronicling the exploits of both Naked and Solid Snake, will another game constructively build upon the existing narrative or will Metal Gear Solid 5 introduce a new, unrelated storyline?

The absence of details to clarify this grand announcement will haunt fans for months. For now, what is your impression of Metal Gear Solid 5? Do you think it’s a smart move on Hideo Kojima’s part to continue the franchise or should Snake’s story come to an end?

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  • Taylor Stein

    I for one am not quite ready to let one of my favorite video game characters disappear off the face of the earth so I welcome Metal Gear Solid 5, I just want it to make sense to the whole series. Stickler for plot here lol

    • Kojima has not let us down yet so I don’t see that happening with MGS5. The game I think we should be worried about is the Raiden spin off game.

      I am currently knee deep in a Deus Ex Human Revolution play through and I must say I am really enjoying it. I played the original back when it came out and enjoyed that too though I never played the second game in the franchise.

      I could see how there will be a lot of comparison between those two games should Kojima add the same style quest system from Deus Ex to MGS. I do not see side quests as a bad thing though I certainly do not think open world game play would work with a MGS title.

      Our best bet is for Kojima to at least quality assure the game a bit before letting it release if he is not going to be fully evolved.

      I am all for some new Metal Gear.

    • Taylor Stein

      Deus Ex Human Revolution was a great game, an awesome addition to the stealth genre. I agree that its influence could be a beneficial angle for the new MGS5 installment, so sure I welcome a slightly new direction.

      Personally, I’ve been waiting for a remake of Metal Gear or Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake. Most fans haven’t even played them! It’s a travesty and I’d love to see it in HD graphics.

    • they should drop the MGS but Konami will not:/ Because it’s their money maker.

      MGS4’s ending was right, I don’t see what MGS5 would offer. That is why MGR exist, to make the series about Raiden since Snake is old in MGS4.

    • Taylor Stein

      Would you feel different if MGS5 was a prequel?

  • Mike

    Taylor, a MGS5 prequel would be amazing. Personally MGS3 was my favorite because the story was so rich with historical events. I’m thinking MGS5 should focus on The Boss and Cobra Unit in Africa, pre-WWII

    • Taylor Stein

      Snake Eater was my personal favorite too, you have good taste Mike 🙂 I would like more of an emphasis on The Boss as well, she is such a well thought out character and I think the series as a whole would benefit from delving deeper into her backstory. There are so many angles Hideo Kojima could take, from Raiden’s past or even the origins of the Les Enfants Terribles project. So overwhelming lol overall I definitively think a prequel is the way to go.